About DriveDuluth.com

A refreshing new way to shop for vehicles online.

DriveDuluth.com is an online marketplace for buying and selling vehicles in the Twin Ports and surrounding area. What began as a crude sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin is now a revolutionary new way to shop for a vehicle online.

We launched in October 2010, offering private sellers a place to list their vehicle for sale free. More importantly, we're allowing buyers to search for a vehicle in a smart, quick way that mimics the way people really shop.

Year, make and model? Sure, if you want.

No longer pinned to simply year, make and model, buyers can craft searches by body style, condition, price, color, mileage range, year, features and more! Or, type in a quick search. As you narrow your selection, DriveDuluth instantly delivers updated results. Choose as many or as few options as you like, and pick whether your selection must match or cannot match to include or restrict certain options.

Organize the results by a number of convenient sort methods:

  • Best Price – vehicles with the lowest price are shown first
  • Closest To Me – vehicles are sorted by their proximity to your zip code
  • Fewest Miles – vehicles with the lowest odometer readings are shown first
  • Freshest Listings – vehicles are sorted by the date and time posted to our website
  • Newest Vehicles – vehicles are sorted by their model year
  • Popularity – vehicles being viewed the most on our website are shown first
  • Recommended – our Computer's Recommendation, a calculation of price, year, features, miles and more
  • Shuffle Results – vehicles are sorted randomly each time

Our website works the way you want it to.

Give us your zip code, or name, or email address, and we'll remember it the next time we ask you for it. Navigate away from the search page, then back, and we'll remember your search parameters.

Our concept is to be as simple or as complex as you like. Initial search results display just a few, key details: year, make, model, price and photo. Additional features and a brief description are tucked away until you roll over the vehicle thumbnail. One mouse click allows you to view more information, save the vehicle for later or contact the seller.

The seller's contact information is quick and complete; quickly scan their phone number, desired contact methods and best times to call. Submit an email / site message instantly to the seller. When the seller writes back, their response can be posted publicly for all to see. As the seller, you can appreciate answering a common question just once.

And we're always growing.

Our R&D department is more like R&D&R&D&R&D. Our team of developers is continually testing, debugging and improving the website – both the behind-the-scenes programming you don't see, and the visual user interface you do.

We're fast at work brainstorming new features and enhancements. We look forward to evolving to meet the needs of you, our visitors. If you have a suggestion, or feedback of any kind, please feel free to contact us.